Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alimony Reform in Florida

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Matthew Brickman Explains Why Alimony Reform In Florida Is Dead

In a surprise twist the Florida alimony reform bill appears dead for 2015. The legislative session ended on May 1st and with it any chance of reviving the bill. Matthew Brickman, family divorce mediator and founder of iMediate Inc explains what happened.

May 28, 2015 / PRZen / WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- A renewed effort to fundamentally change Florida’s alimony system was gaining momentum as The Senate Judiciary Committee initially approved Senate Bill 1248 on an unanimous vote that would end permanent alimony, and determine a formula for the length and amount of alimony while also creating a “50-50” child-sharing arrangement. The bill got a step closer to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk after passing the Appropriations Committee unchanged in a 12-6 vote.

Matthew Brickman of iMediate Inc commented on this in a phone interview by saying, "The reform this year was designed to bring people together on the issue but as negotiations and various drafts of the bills were exchanged, it actually created deep divides."

He went on to say, "Last time the bill was proposed it passed both The House and The Senate, only to be vetoed by the governor. This time around the governor told lawmakers to not to bring back the retroactivity provision and leave out the drama."

Mr. Brickman referenced that he would continue to post updates on the future of alimony reform moving forward. The full video can be seen below.

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