Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reducing or Terminating Alimony Payments

Let's start with a common scenario:
You and your former spouse divorced; you were ordered to pay a certain amount of alimony; life happened and now you're unable to pay that same amount without substantially impacting your financial situation.

Florida law is specific as it relates to reducing or terminating a person's obligation to make alimony payments.  As is often the case, a person encounters a change in circumstances that has an impact on his or her amount of available income.  There is a remedy for this and our office is well-equipped to assist in your effort to level the playing field.

The gist of the law is this: when the circumstances or the financial ability of either party change you may petition (or ask) the court to modify your obligation.

 If you find yourself in a situation regarding alimony payments that you believe needs to be addressed, give our office a call at 737-9797. 

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