Monday, April 15, 2013

Florida jail "unfit for human habitation"

A story from reports that Atkinson County grand juries have consistently found the county jail needs repair.  This time around they are calling for its demolition:
Atkinson County grand juries have said since 2006 that the county needs a new jail. The current grand jury is the first to say the jail is unfit for human habitation and call for its demolition. “That’s the first time they’ve put it so bluntly,” Sheriff David Moore said. The 18-bed jail has cell doors that are extremely hard to open and close after years of welding on patches. There is raw sewage on the floor at times, and the sheriff and others have described the lighting as almost non-existent. The grand jurors issued the jail inspection committee report April 1 and urged the County Commission to address the issue at its next meeting and come up with an immediate solution.
Read the full story here.

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