Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Felon Grand Juror Spoils Indictments

Interesting story out of Savannah, Georgia, where a felon sitting on a Chatham County grand jury has nullified 95 returned indictments.  Here is the full story, pulled from Jacksonville.com
Prosecutors in Chatham County will have to take as many as 95 felony cases to a grand jury for a second time because a convicted felon was on the panel that issued the initial indictments.
The Savannah Morning News reports that Georgia law bars convicted felons from serving on grand or trial juries unless their civil rights have been restored.
At issue are cases that involve felony indictments returned since December.
Chatham Count’s chief public defender, Michael Edwards, said public defenders this week are filing motions in Superior Court to dismiss those charges. About 40 such motions had been filed as of Friday.
The Morning News reports that additional challenges are anticipated from private defense lawyers.

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